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Part 7 How We Did It: Park Slope Passive House Series - Final Testing and Handoff


In this blog series, we’ve looked back at one of our completed Passive House projects, a landmarked multifamily townhouse in Park Slope, Brooklyn. After adding interior finishes to the townhouse, we commissioned a final blower door test followed up by the handoff!

Following a successful final blower door test, all that was left was for the results to be submitted to the Passive House Institute (PHI) in order to receive certification. There are a handful of paths to certification, and in this case Germany's PHI was the certifying entity. During the design phases our team was in constant communication with the PHI to verify and approve certain details and specifications to ensure the project was on track towards certification.

dining room

The most surprising thing is how even the temperature and humidity is indoors at all times.

Our clients were thrilled with their renovation and immediately enjoyed the benefits of their Passive House. We were happy to have delivered a project that exceeded their expectations for beauty, comfort and sustainability.

Previously: We shared some of the elegant finishes and design details that help give the project its unique character.

We have not lived in a Passive House prior to this project. The most surprising thing is how even the temperature and humidity is indoors at all times (Sometimes it stays that way even after we turn off the HVAC and leave for a trip). We often have no idea how the weather is outdoors. The first few months after we moved in we had to get into the habit of checking outdoor temperature every morning before getting dressed!

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